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I am enough meaning

What Does “I am enough” Mean?

You might have heard people saying “I Am Enough” or possibly you might have used this phrase for yourself, but do you know the I am enough meaning? Through mindful research and personal experiences, here I’ve come up with my thoughts over this. 

I Am Enough” are the three magical words, they hold more power than you can imagine. Once you learn the true meaning of these words, nothing can stop you from living a life you’ve always wanted to. However, many people mistook this phrase for its meaning and this is what this article is all about. Here, we will discuss what these words mean and what they don’t. 

“I am enough” means I accept my mistakes and learn from them. It doesn’t mean they are my shortcomings. Our mistakes don’t define us but acceptance and acknowledgement is what makes us a good human. 

You shouldn’t overlook your flaws and imperfections, it means to see them and work with them hand in hand. 

You don’t need to compare yourself with others, you don’t need to do more or want more or to be who you are once meant to be. 

You are simply you, in the right place, at the right time and that’s enough. You don’t run behind becoming something else or like someone else.

I am enough meaning definition

Here Is What “I Am Enough” Doesn’t Mean

“I am enough” DOESN’T mean I have been considered and measured and now finally earned the “enough” label.

It doesn’t mean that you’ve tried enough, worked hard enough, presented and prepared well enough. It simply means, you’re who you are, you don’t need to be someone else.

You’re enough doesn’t mean that you’re the end result, complete and final outcome. It doesn’t mean, you’ve learned everything and you’ve grown enough. It doesn’t mean you’re perfect and powerful either. 

You are enough doesn’t mean that you’re the centre of the universe. The real pursuit of enough isn’t even close to the pursuit of everything. Instead, “Enough” means you don’t have to crave for everything and you don’t always need to be everything. 

You are enough doesn’t mean that you always need to be self-sufficient. Neither does it mean that you don’t need anyone or anything. Rather, it means that you understand your needs, how much you want and at what time you want. It is understanding that you’re a tiny part of this grand universe and you don’t have to try to become bigger than that. 

You are enough, in no terms does it mean that you will never need any help. In fact, when you know that you’re enough, it will be a lot easier for you to ask for help. It will be a lot easier to admit your mistakes, your weaknesses and your flaws. You understand that your flaws and weaknesses can’t define your capabilities and overall worth because you are enough in the way you are.

"I Am Enough " Doesn't Mean That I Am Perfect And Flawless or I Never Make Any Mistake

We all make mistakes. There is no one who is completely clean and flawless. We make mistakes every day and to be honest, there is NOTHING wrong in admitting that. The important thing is, we learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them in future.

I am enough meaning imperfection is beauty

I Am Enough Meaning

Accept Your Flaws And Imperfections

Being enough doesn’t mean being flawless and if you think that you’re flawless, you are doing nothing but hiding your true self and true potential. You’re enough means that you don’t have to shy away from admitting your shortcomings, instead you should try your best to overcome those. 

You’re enough means that you were born to be YOU, on purpose. Understand that you were never made to become someone else, you’re unique and perfect in the way you are. 

The place you’re in today and the person you are, is no mistake, you’re the child of the universe and surely the unique one. 

You are enough in the way you are, with all your mess, you’re broken but in beautiful pieces, your mistakes and your flaws. That’s what you try to be, no more and no less. You’re perfectly enough! 

You’re enough means you are free to grow and thrive. You can become the best version of yourself and not the version you see in others. You don’t have to prove yourself, before anyone and anything. You should understand your self-worth and that’s it. 

You are enough means that you’re trying to be YOU. It means that you don’t need to crave for becoming more valid, more worthy, more loved and more acceptable. You have all these things already, you just need to realize that. 

But there are things you should crave for, such as, becoming more TRUE to yourself, more HONEST, more GROUNDED, more PURPOSEFUL, more POSITIVE, more EXPRESSIVE and more LOVING. 

You are enough NOW, you were enough THEN and you will be enough FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. You will become more of you and less of others. And believe it is the most beautiful and brave thing you can do. 

How Can I Become Enough For Myself?

Here is how you can believe and understand that you are perfectly enough. 

1. Accept and understand that being enough doesn’t mean using external things or factors for defining your worth. It simply means being enough for the way you are. 

2. Ask yourself, “Is my worth depends on what I own or what I have? 

On asking this question, you’ll start feeling emotional, don’t run away from them, just feel them. These are the emotions that force you to search for your worth outside of yourself.  

4. Repeat these steps until you feel absolutely nothing. This means, repeat these steps until you firmly believe that there is nothing outside your true self that defines your worth. 

 And this is the true and complete I Am Enough meaning. 


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